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How it started

We at Brajlović know that home is not a place, home is a feeling. This has been the driving force behind the brand for the past 20 years. We remain steadfast in our commitment to crafting authentic Balkan meat specialties that evoke the warmth and familiarity of home. Since 2002, we have dedicated ourselves to finding a way into the hearts of customers across Western Europe. Today, we grace the shelves of supermarket chains in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Benelux, the UK, and Ireland.
Join us as we embark on a journey that transcends geographical boundaries, one delicacy at a time.



In the heart of Vienna, where tradition meets innovation, the story of our brand Brajlović begins. Our mission is clear – we want to share the soulful flavors of Balkan cuisine with the world. By combining authentic Balkan recipes with the precision of Austrian craftsmanship, we strive to stand out and wow in the vibrant culinary landscape.


 In 2003, Brajlović started operations with a modest team of three employees and a production facility located in Vienna's 12th district.


We initially produced only two products - Suho Meso (Smoked beef) and Sudžuk (Dried beef sausage), both crafted using traditional smoking techniques. While our first batch of products encountered challenges (a small error in the production resulted in our smoked beef pieces turning into solid rocks), we persisted. Our first delivery vehicle was a 1992 white Golf 2, and our inaugural year's turnover was just enough to keep us going for another year.


These humble beginnings serve as a testament to our journey of growth and dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business.


 In 2006, we proudly broadened the product line to include our Grill Superstar - Ćevapčići. Our closely-guarded recipe for this beloved Balkan grill delicacy remains a well-kept secret, passed down through generations. Just as with our cured products, we stay faithful to our time-honored traditions while maintaining our production site in Austria. Very quickly, both Sarajevo Ćevapčići and Banja Luka Ćevapčići became our top-sellers and we expanded the Grill range to also include Pljeskavica, Sudžukice, Shish Ćevapčići and Grill Mix.


In 2007, Brajlović achieved a significant breakthrough as our Suho Meso secured a coveted spot in Austria's leading supermarket, then known as Merkur (now Billa Plus). This milestone not only enhanced the accessibility of our products but also amplified our brand visibility, solidifying our position as a trusted purveyor of Balkan-style meat products in Western Europe.


 In 2014, our packaging received a new look. This symbolized our commitment to continuous improvement and our dedication to providing an unparalleled experience for our valued customers across Europe.


 In 2022, Brajlović proudly commemorated its 20th anniversary with a memorable team-building event in Split. Reflecting on two decades of success, we took the opportunity to honor our journey while charting an exciting course for the future.


With its roots firmly planted in Vienna, Austria, Brajlović has blossomed into a thriving company. With over 70 dedicated employees, our headquarters in Vienna serve as the hub of our operations. Our assortment has grown exponentially, now boasting a diverse range of over 30 unique products that are not only delicious but also reflect the rich traditions and heritage of our region.

Scroll through our timeline to read about our humble beginnings and how the company became what it is today.


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