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Band Football Cup 2023 was a complete success!

The Band Football Cup 2023 was an unforgettable event that brought the Austrian music scene together in a unique football tournament. With the aim of promoting social engagement, violence prevention and female empowerment, the tournament not only offered sporting highlights, but also sent a strong signal of social responsibility.

At the end of the exciting tournament , Christopher Seiler's team was able to win and take home the golden BFC trophy. Another great success of the event was the impressive sum of 20,000 euros that was collected for the Vienna Women's Shelters Association and the White Ribbon Association.

Proud partner

Mag. Vedrana Ceric, Head of Global Marketing Adriatic Group, emphasized the importance of the event: “It is impressive to see how music and sport come together to bring about positive change in society. As a proud partner of this event, we are thrilled by the response and commitment of everyone involved.”

Roman Gregory, initiator of the Band Football Cup , also spoke positively about the collaboration with Brajlovic: “The participation of Brajlovic GmbH as a partner of BFC 2023 underlines the shared values of our event. Their commitment to social responsibility and community is exemplary, and together we are sending a strong signal for violence prevention and female empowerment.”

The tournament, which took place at SV Donau in Vienna Donaustadt , supported the association Wiener Frauenhäuser and White Ribbon. These organizations work tirelessly to protect against and prevent violence in order to prevent femicides in Austria.

Of course, Herbert “Schneckerl” Prohaska couldn’t be missing at an event like this. Together with Andi Ogris, Sara Telek and Maria Wolf, he made a significant contribution to fair play on the field.

Christopher Seiler wins

After numerous exciting games and spectacular goals, the deserved winners were chosen in the evening: Christopher Seiler and his team, consisting of Chris Steger, Lizz Görgl and many others. They secured the victory with a confident 3:2 .

As an award, the team received the unique golden BFC trophy, which was made from a recycled football shoe belonging to Hans Krankl and an old guitar donated by BFC initiator Roman Gregory.

The event was not just about sporting competition and fun, but also sent an important message against violence against women. To help those affected, generous donations totaling 20,000 euros were collected for the benefit of the Vienna women's shelters and the White Ribbon association. Roman Gregory proudly presented this donation, which represents a strong message against violence against women.

"This money is a powerful statement against violence against women! We hope that our committed afternoon kick will help to make the world a little fairer and safer for women," emphasized the BFC initiator. He thanked the players, the audience, and the partners and sponsors for their support. He particularly highlighted his partner Irena Blagojevic , who was the driving force behind the entire tournament and without whose tireless efforts this event would not have been possible.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone involved who made this day so special. It was an honor for us to be part of this great event and to work together for a better future.


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